Hi, I'm Aurora Berta-Oldham

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I'm a programmer and game developer currently making Everchanging at Beacon Games. I'm also working on various other projects that you can learn more about below.

On a more personal note, I was born in Canada 🍁 on March 28th, 1998 and later moved to the United States 🗽 when I was 9. During highschool, I taught myself how to program in my spare time and decided to pursue a career in indie game development after graduation. After years of self-discovery, I started my transition from male to female 🏳️‍⚧️ at 21 and it has been the best decision I've ever made. When I'm not programming 👩‍💻, I enjoy playing the electric guitar 🎸, chatting with friends, and occasionally playing video games 🎮. I also love cats 🐱.

I primarily program in C# and Rust but I also have varying amounts of experience with JavaScript, C, C++, and Vala. Before I began developing the EvEngine, I started working on several different projects in the Unity game engine. Aside from programming, I have some experience in web design, graphic design, pixel art.

You can get into contact with me at contact@aurorabertaoldham.com.

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Beacon Games

My indie game company that is currently building Everchanging.


A city building dungeon crawler RPG that I've been building for several years now. I plan to release the game sometime in the first half of 2021.


A 2D C# game engine that I wrote for Everchanging. It only supports Windows and DirectX 11 at the moment. I may port the engine to various other platforms after I release Everchanging and look to bring it to more players.


Verdure OS

A modern open source operating system for x86_64 PCs that I'm writing in Rust. It is still in very early development but I plan to have a full desktop environment in the future. I also hope to bring it to AArch64 once that is done.


The Verdure Project

An organization that I'm working on establishing that will manage Verdure OS and other open source projects.



A C# library for reading and writing AngelCode bitmap fonts in XML, text, and binary. It was originally part of the EvEngine but I decided to separate it and release it as open source. Since its release, it has received over 80,000 downloads on NuGet and has found use in other games and game engines.



A .NET Core command line tool built off of SharpFNT. It can be used to convert and inspect the properties of AngelCode bitmap fonts.


Yacht (Elementary)

A GTK3 based implementation of the public domain dice game designed specifically for Elementary OS.